Com Hem Holding appoints Eva Lindqvist as director


Valberedningen föreslår omval av följande

The Nomination Committee also proposes the re-election of Anders G Carlberg, Tomas Carlsson, Gunnel Duveblad, Johan Hjertonsson, Eva Lindqvist, Johan Nordström and Christine Andrew Barron. Deputy Chairman of the Board, elected 2019. Board member since 2018. Born: 1965. Nationality: British citizen. Independence: Independent in relation to the company and management as well as in relation to the company’s major shareholders. Thomas Widstrand.

Sweco ab board of directors

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Born: 1965. Nationality: British citizen. Independence: Independent in relation to the company and management as well as in relation to the company’s major shareholders. Given the general level of uncertainty resulting from Covid-19, Sweco's Board has decided to adjust its dividend proposal. New proposed dividend is SEK 3.10 per share.. As announced previously, Sweco's financial position remains strong, with good liquidity and a project portfolio that is relatively unaffected by Covid-19. In the prevailing circumstances, however, it is not possible to estimate Tomas Carlsson, President and CEO, Sweco, +46 8 695 66 60.

going forward,” says Johan Nordström, chairman of Sweco's board of directors.

Thomas Lundin at BST Group Nordic AB and BST Group AB

The employees exercise their representation in the subsidiary Latour-Gruppen AB, which is the parent company of wholly owned companies in the industrial  Member of the Boards of Attendo AB, Sweco AB, Melker Schörling AB and Sandberg Development Group. Shareholding in Loomis: 6,000 (privately). Other   Team Olivia is one of the largest private operators offering care services in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Sweco ab board of directors

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Olof Stålnacke. Chief Financial Officer. Dariush Rezai. President Sweco Denmark. Katarina Grönwall. Chief Communication Officer.

Sweco ab board of directors

Eugene Grüter. President Sweco Netherlands. Max Joy. President Sweco UK. Erwin Malcorps. President Sweco Belgium.
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Sweco ab board of directors

Namnändring från SWECO Gruppen AB till  Sweco AB will on March 12, 2019, publish the content of the notice of the by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the following items should be considered. Board of Directors Other board positions: External CEO for Båstadtennis & Hotell AB. President and CEO of Rejlers and President of Sweco Sverige. Styrelseledamot i Veralda AB. VD Brown Direct Inc 1981-1985, Director Ogilvy & Mather Direct Plc 1985-1991, koncernchef och VD i Team Olivia Group AB, Global Scanning A/S och Ruter dam, styrelseledamot i Sweco AB och Dustin AB. Chief Executive Director United Plantations Berhad Chairman Member of the Board: HEXPOL AB, Attendo AB, Sweco AB and Sandberg Development Group. Senaste nytt om Sweco B aktie.

Education: International BSc in Economics and Business Administration from the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Experience: Among previous positions can be mentioned CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Securitas AB, CEO of NCC AB, CEO of Svedala Industri AB. Holdings in Sweco: 1000 shares.
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News feed of Sweco. 2021-03-17 10:00:00 SWECO: Notice of Annual General Meeting in Sweco AB (publ) -1,77% | 44,5 MSEK pdf download 2020-09-16 18:30:00 SWECO: Sweco's Board of Directors proposes a SEK 3.10 per share  She is also on the board of IT-Huset Holding i Norden AB and the non for profit organisation Ratio. Läs mer Senior Advisor Previous experience as Director of Investments at Trafikverket, CEO of Rejlers and CEO of Sweco Sverige. She is  Board of Directors | Sweden-China Trade Council. born in 1971, is Senior Chief Architect and International Director at Sweco Architects AB, Sweden. Styrelseledamot i Attendo AB, Sweco AB, Melker Schörling AB och Sandberg Cardo Rail AB, Managing Director Radiopharmaceuticals, Du Pontkoncernen i  Styrelseordförande i Alimak Group AB och styrelseledamot i Sweco AB. Tidigare väsentliga uppdrag: VD och koncernchef för AB Fagerhult och Lammhults  Get the most recent insider transactions for SWECO AB .