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Home » Tag. Breeds. Akbash Dog Breed Information. By: Zina December 10, 2019. 2020 © Doglime. The ADAA was not only a breed club for Akbash Dogs in North America but also that three native livestock protection breeds (Akbash, Kangal, and Kars Dogs)  18 Apr 2020 Akbash Breeding.

Akbash dog breed

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Height – Female Akbash dogs range between 28 and 33 inches, while the Male counterparts mostly have a height between 28 and 34 inches. Weight – Females weigh around 90 lbs and male’s weight would range between 90 and 140 lbs. Akbash Lifespan. The average life expectancy of an Akbash dog breed is 10 to 11 years. Akbash Dog Description. The Akbash Dog is a large breed. They can weight anywhere from 90 to 130 pounds.

Akbash coats are only white. These dogs were bred to protect livestock and sheep, with their white coats History.

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The name of the breed comes from the Turkish word akbaş, meaning “white head”. Other names for akbash are Akbaş Çoban Köpeği and Coban Kopegi (shepherd dog).

Akbash dog breed

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Storlek. Otroligt liten! En Malshi är som en hund som har krympt till storleken på en liten nalle, med en vuxen vikt är  We have Maremma, Akbash, Anatolian, and crosses between the breeds.

Akbash dog breed

Typically the dog is proportionately taller and heavier than the female. Akbash Dog is a large-sized, powerful dog breed that was used as a working dog and guarding dog of the livestock. It is a long-legged, muscular, strong dog breed that is covered with a beautiful dense, medium-length coat. It is a very energetic dog with high stamina and great courage. Akbash. Guardian Dog Group.
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Akbash dog breed

With this breed, you absolutely should insist on hip health tests such as those provided by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) as hip dysplasia is a huge problem in large dog breeds. About the Akbash Dog Breed.

So, they need a big space to perform their regular exercise. Akbash Dog is a large-sized, powerful dog breed that was used as a working dog and guarding dog of the livestock.
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In 1998, the United Kennel Club (UKC) officially recognized the Akbash as a breed and allowed him to compete in all UKC sanctioned events. akbash dog breed standard INTRODUCTION - The physical and temperamental attributes of the Akbash Dog (pronounced Ah-k-bah-sh) reflect both mastiff and gazehound origins. They have the size, power and protective nature of the former; the long legs, fleet appearance and keen eyesight of the latter. Akbash is a large-sized dog breed that was originated in Turkey as a livestock guardian. They have a very similar appearance to the Kuvasz but is a completely different dog breed.